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Dot in the city is a blog about faith + food, sprinkled with social media tips, DIY projects, and thrifty finds for you and your home.

must read from dot in the city: 

favorite summer memory: Going to on a road trip with my parents to see Yellow Stone National Park, Mt Rushmore and the Badlands. My brother and I still laugh about the guy who belched in the Badlands and it echoed!

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Handmade, ruffled accessories with sustainability in mind.

must-haves from Sew Beastly:
scrappy fold-over clutch
ruffled tote in red ikat

favorite summer memory:
Having my cousins spend the summer at our house and playing "Olympics".  Yes, we picked a country & competed at different sports...fun times!!

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 Little Waterlily in a Big Pond is a blog about my life, loves, pets and pet peeves.

must read from Little Waterlily:
fresh bread and freezer jam
story of princess trilly

favorite summer memory: I have one of an evening when Dad came home from work and came out to play with my little brothers and I.  It turned into a full scale water fight with everyone, particularly Dad dripping wet.  I was probably about 12 so it's one of my last summer memories before I entered the "too cool" teenage years!

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Radiant Cosmetics is a social enterprise makeup company whose vision is to end human trafficking, one lipstick at a time.

must-haves from Radiant Cosmetics:
Gel Eyeliner
Moisturizing Lipstick

favorite summer memory: The Fourth of July was always big in my family, we had friends who threw a huge party every year. My favorite childhood memories were are of my sister and I furiously making bracelets all of June to sell to my parents friends at the big Fourth of July party and coming home from that weekend. My sister and I thought we were so cool.

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 I scour the net to find lovely design, fashion, food and life experience a.k.a. life's golden tokens!

must reads from Swell and Stylish:
DIY Colorful Creature Home Accessory
Scouting: Duluth, Minnesota 

favorite summer memory: Camping ohh camping! We used to go camping at least once per summer and we had a blast!

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And because they're so great, some of them are offering some items for you guys!
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and a large ad from Little Waterlily in a Big Pond
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p.s. i'll be back tomorrow with my favorites from the web + non-web life. you should join me. :)


  1. Sitting on the beach... That will always be a favorite memory!

  2. I went to New York this summer and it was amazing!

  3. Spending time in Avon Park with my Aunts and Uncles.

  4. I follow Dot in the City via GFC

  5. I love spending time with my family in the summer.

  6. I love going to the beach with my boys and watching them dig in the sand.....swoon.

  7. Falling asleep in the sun and waking up tanner!

  8. Laying in the street watching the stars at the lake house! Best by far.

  9. THIS YEAR my fav memory was ValleyFair with the boyfriend!

  10. Going to Washington, D.C. with my family!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Taking my first painting class!

  12. my favorite summertime memory spending time with my family on the back porch!

  13. lounging in the pool with the hubs!

  14. Taking sailing lessons with my brother.


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