the "really?!?" floral shorts + diy

So awhile back I found a pair of floral shorts. But the floral shorts were from a thrift store and they weren't the most flattering pair.

In fact, when the husband found them in the wash, he was a little confused as to why I would have bought them.

But I had the idea that they could be flattering-- with just a few fixes.

First I hemmed them, took in the sides and then took in the inseam.
I used the fabric from the hem for a tie to cover the elastic back waist band.

and voila!

my newest pair of shorts!

the husband still isn't the biggest fan. His words: "those shorts look very in." ;)

xo, erika


  1. HUGE improvement. Posts like this constantly remind me that I need to buckle down and learn to sew already.

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings & Other Things
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  2. well done! I was doubtful, but you made them look so great!!!

  3. WHOA I'm so impressed with your sewing/tailoring skills! I can't believe those are the same shorts... they are so cute and flattering now! Love the bow belt you added too.


  4. Oh I love your husband's sense of humor!! What a guy! I love what you did with them - WOWZA! Super duper cute!!!

  5. Wow, these are adorable now! See, I really wish I had your sewing skills...this looks like so much fun.

  6. very cute! those were some crazy styles back in the day haha

  7. Awesome fix lady! How does the hubs feel now?

  8. OMGeeeee!!! Those shorts look AMAZING now!!! You are one talented seamstress Erika!! xo

  9. Seriously? How did you pull this one off? Quite impressive, missy. Both in the fashion sense and your sewing skills! You never cease to amaze (and surprise) me!

  10. super fab makeover! i would have passed them by in their original state, but i'm glad you didn't because they look so great!

  11. oh my gosh what a good change!! they look 100x better :) haha to hubs, too!

  12. haha! This is an awesome post :) I love the before pics!! I would have never seen the potential in those shorts. Nice work :)


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