the list: march

February flew by. Really flew by.

But I'm okay with it being March.
March means lighter days.
March means (kind of) warmer days.
March means that the husband and I are going to Europe. (can.not.wait.)

I'm getting to the point where I'm like a senior in high school. I'm distracted because I know what's ahead of me and I'm having a really hard time focusing on the day-to-day without daydreaming about Paris.

February was a month for...

>> the shop. I relaunched with my new crossbody bags and I really love them. (If you're eying one, better snag it today-- I'm putting the shop on vacation by the end of the day and won't reopen until mid-April.)

>> sewing. I finally, finally took time for myself and sewed a knit dress. I love it and can't wait to sew more dresses!

>> running. I really upped how much I run and tracked my mileage with dailymile.com & a running group started by Raechel. Despite a gnarly bruised toenail and tight IT band, it's been great. 

>> cooking. apparently I'm a food blogger now and I think I'll continue that well into March... I have a food series cooking up (ha, get it) that will be fun.

How was your February and more importantly, how will your March be?

Share your list! Every first Friday of the month Beth and I  will be sharing our favorite things from the past month and what we're looking forward to in the new month. It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be long, it can just be what the link-up is: a list.

When you link up, please link a relevant post and link back to Beth or I somewhere on your blog. And be sure to come see what others are sharing as well. :)

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  1. um, how did I miss the mint cross body bag?! I was just saying to the mister how I should downsize to a smaller purse for the next few months before I have to carry a diaper bag!

  2. February definitely flew by! I'm aiming high for March. I love your cross body bags, they're so cute!

  3. Europe! Yay! Where in Europe?


  4. I loooooove those crossbody bags!!! I'll take one of each. ;)

    I really want to learn how to sew! One of these days I will... haha.

  5. ohhh, excited for the food series!

  6. I am so psyched for March... but then I tell myself that March and April can be really snowy in Wisconsin. Sigh.

  7. lighter days and europe - sounds like a fabulous month o me!


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