bits of my week

from left to right...
>> moved where I sit at the day job and I no longer have a water view. Skyscrapers are cool, but my heart belongs to the sea.
>> been running more & had a pretty great one during my lunch break along the pier
>> kale calzone explosion! delish.
>> pike place market + sunshine.
>> pretty earrings from hannah's etsy shop happy days. (I'm wearing these.)
>> the husband sharing chocolate cake with his grandma while we celebrated her 94th birthday.

also... the husband and I booked a hotel in London. It's really expensive and it's really happening!

 internet life:
>> thoughts on your social media presence
>> discovering the "coast to coast challenge," which I think could be a great way to get more creative with my closet. (you know how I love that.)
>> it is like the season for sales. anthropologie has a ton on sale, ann taylor loft a huge sale right now, and so does jigsaw london. (use BlogLove0506 for 20% off their sale section until next wednesday).

this weekend I may catch up on laundry, I want to sew a few DIYs and I should sleep in a little bit. What are your plans?

xo, erika

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