journaling through lent

Through most of my life I was a devoted journaler. From elementary school worries to junior high and high school drama and well through college.

I'm not sure when I stopped doing it as often. Maybe when I became a real adult. Got a job, got married and got busier.

I know that the moments I spent journaling, processing and writing prayers, I understood more of life and more of what God wanted for me.

It's always tempting for me to treat Lent as a self-help time -- to tackle eating sweets, or too much televison, but Lent is more of a heart thing, or at least it is for me.

Lent literally means to fast, so I've decided to fast from the little things I fill my time with and instead making time to write and process.

Lent means something different to everyone; if you feel called to give up chocolate, then do it. If you feel called to give up tv- then so be it. But this season, I feel called to re-engage something I miss.

xo, erika

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  1. Love this idea. I too used to journal religiously, particularly in high school and college, but have fallen out of the habit since then as well. And I did feel for in tune with myself and my relationship with God. Hope this going well for you so far!


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