pink, red, plum

 blouse: thrifted // cardi: target // cords: free people // oxfords: steve madden

It's Valentines Day and I'm wearing an outfit red and plum and pink. Maybe I should talk about love.

I deeply believe in love. I believe we were created to be loved and to love: to be loved by our Creator, loved by our parents, our friends-- to experience romantic love and the love we have for a child, a pet, our jobs and our passion.

But despite my deep belief in love and the ultimate source of love, I've never big on Valentines Day. I think it goes back to my teen days when I was that skinny redheaded girl, awkward and gangly and so desperate for love. When I didn't get it I proclaimed Valentines Day as cheesy and stupid in an effort to hide my hurt.

Although I've been married for three years, (and the husband and I dated nearly four years before that), I still identify with that girl who hated on Valentines Day in an effort to hide her heart.

I'm working on being less harsh against Valentines Day cheese and commercialism. Yes, it can be overdone, but in at its core it's a beautiful notion. Why shouldn't we have a holiday dedicated to showing love to those you care about.

So today call your mom. Text your brother. Kiss your cat, your dog, your fish. Tell your coworkers you like them. And just enjoy love.

And mix some pink and purple and red in your outfit.

xo, erika

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