why i blog

I have always liked to write.
As a very small girl I wrote stories of bunnies.
As a little girl, I wrote stories of horses.
As a high school girl, I hoped some day to work for a magazine or start my own. Maybe publish a book.
In college I majored in journalism so I could write. Then I worked for a newspaper, where I didn't get to write at all.

And I needed to, wanted to write. So, like many I started a blog.

I filled it with silly things, daily life things, pretty things and then I got a new job where I wrote all the time.

But I kept blogging.

Sometimes people ask me if blogging and writing all day (really that's honestly my day job) and then coming home to write in my blog is hard... but it's not. It's different content, a different feel. And I'm writing from my voice, for myself, not from someone else's.

But blogging is now more than just writing. I love sharing things, I love brainstorming, creating-- I really like so much of it, to be honest.

I want to share recipes that you'll want to eat, I want to share outfits that will get you inspired to see what you can do with your closet, I want to share little things I've found-- a gorgeous necklace on Etsy, a perfect skirt at Gap and little pieces of life. I want to share deeper things-- what I've learned about life, what strikes me as true, what faith means to me, what believing in God means to me.

And in turn I love learning and hearing from others-- maybe in my comments, maybe in all the blogs I read (I read a lot of blogs).

I also blog to encourage. Life is hard, it's short and fleeting and maybe in blogging I can capture it at  its purest moment.

Do you blog? Why do you blog?

happy friday. 
xo, erika


  1. this is so awesome. i'm an english major, so i get the whole writing (and let's face it, reading) all day, and then coming home and putting a blog post together. but my blog as become a source of inspiration and rejuvenation- not extra work! have a wonderful friday :)

  2. I love this post!! I blog because I don't want to forget the days. I love to look back on old posts + photos and remember what I felt that day/week and it makes me want to appreciate little things more!

  3. I don't comment often enough, but I just want you to know that I love your blog and I'm very happy that you blog!!! xo.

  4. Great post. I blog to connect. To share. I possibly inspire as I gain inspiration from others' blogs. Also, because it's quite fun!

  5. I blog because I think it's so important to be willing to share your heart and be vulnerable. You never know who might be reading and how you might affect someone! Thanks for writing! :)

  6. What a fantastic post. Your journey resonates a lot with me. I too was always scribbling stories and poems as a child. Now I'm lucky enough to work as an editor, but my blog is my creative escapism. I blog because I wanted a positive, creative outlet; an online scrapbook if you like to document my daily life. Being a social person meant a journal wasn't quite enough. I feel compelled to shared, and to learn from others. I love exploring and pushing the limits of my creativity. it's so fulfilling :)

  7. I just started blogging- my archives go back months, not years- and for me it was a combination of the desire to write and the desire to connect with others. I've just moved to a new place & have lamented so many connections that have fallen by the wayside in my life as I have re-located and changed and re-located again. The blog is helping establish those old friendships, and make new ones. Win.

  8. I also wrote a lot of stories as a little girl, and in high school I wanted to start my own magazine, and I majored in journalism in college. Great minds think alike. I'm glad you blog!

    p.s. I love that picture of real life :)

  9. Um, you basically wrote my life story in that first part! I wrote stories as a kid, I kept a journal religiously. In high school, I totally planned to work for or start my own magazine. I majored in journalism in college and then worked for a magazine afterward but didn't write. I'm actually surprised it took me as long as it did to get into blogging.

    I've always felt compelled to write. I want to remember everything, and leave something behind for my kids and grandkids to remember me by. Be that letters or journals...or now, a blog...

  10. Love everything about this and agree with everything you said. Fun fact- I used to write stories in kindergarten/first grade about bunnies too :)

  11. I originally started blogging as a way to get my thoughts out and so that one day I could look back and remember the past.

    Blogging for me, though, has turned into something much more social, on top of being a way to get everything out. It's just gotten BIGGER.

  12. I started blogging because somehow in a house full of people, I felt lonely. No one seemed to hear what I had to say. I have shit to say!! LOL.. My life is a crazy hot mess sometimes, I'd like to think that by blog is sort of like a photo album with words. I can come back years from now and read about when children were small and sweet. Thanks for stopping by Bad Word Mama.. Love your blog :)


  13. Such a great post! I would love it if you checked out my blog! I am hosting a handmade DREAMCATCHER GIVEAWAY!! & would love to see you stop by!!



  14. I started blogging to encourage fellow mamas + I love to write. Not sure how good I am at it though ;) I love reading your blog friend, great post!

  15. I feel like I could have written this post (except that I didn't major in journalism :)).
    I love to blog (read and write them!) because I love to share, to write, to learn, and to communicate.

  16. Erika, I just LOVE this post. Our stories are so similar, too. :) (I am a journalism major, as well!)

    I love for many of the same reasons...to stretch myself creatively and to grow as a writer. To build community, to encourage, to share who He is in my life through honest, humble words.

    I blog because it's a part of who He made me to be, I think. I am a writer. I am a creator. I am an encourager. And I am so thankful blogging offers that outlet for me. :)

  17. Oops, that should say I *love* blogging.

  18. I love this and I love the community that blogging creates!

    I blog because it's a great release for me and it's an added bonus when I find out that other people are feeling the same way that I do. I also love to share the food I make, the crafts that I attempt, what I'm reading, and what our family is up to in general. Like I said earlier, it's just a great release.


  19. You write at your day job? That's awesome! I was an English major and I too had dreams of working for a magazine. I did work for a small publication out of college but that company soon went under (as did the company I worked for after that, yikes! Did not graduate at a good time). Anyway, that's great that you're using your gift of writing inside and outside of work!


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