wear: blue and leopard

 cardigan: old navy // top: thrifted // jeans: gap // boots: macys

You may often notice a little furry someone in my outfit photos.

The thing is, if I ever want him to pose nicely in a photo, he never wants to. He'll stand and watch me, twitching his ears if I call him.

However, if I'm trying to be at least somewhat professional, then he'll saunter over and plant himself directly in front of the camera-- or pose himself in the background, where he'll be chopping on grass or sniffing something.

I forced him to be in the photo this time. He wasn't too pleased. Luckily he gets over snuggle attacks pretty quickly.

Also, the husband and I may be crazy: We've agreed to petsit two different dogs in the next week and there will be one day where we will have three dogs in our tiny little house. I'm not sure how that will all go, but expect a lot of furry friends in my outfit photos. 

happy wednesday!

xo, erika
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  1. Oh, Milton is finicky about snuggles too...he only wants them on his terms. But I say outfit posts are better with our furry friends (as you'll see in mine today).

  2. love blue + leopard! great outfit and cute furry guy! ;)

  3. Such a cute look - love the blue with your hair. So pretty! I also snuggle my little dog like that....she hates it but I love it :).

  4. Your dog is SO cute!! And I love this out!! (Those boots are AMAZING!!)

  5. What a cutie pie he is! And I adore this outfit! By the way, Erika -- my Seattle trip at the end of January never happened (I promise I didn't intentionally flake!) and I'm coming the second weekend in March instead... will you be around for coffee or something? Excited to meet you if we can plan something! :)

  6. How cute! I have a german shepherd corgi mix who makes that same face every time I try to get a decent picture!

    Regardless, dog hair is a fashion statement of it's own :-) I'm always coated in it.

  7. Haha Monte NEVER wants to be in pictures, and when he is he always looks like a dork.

    Oddly Roscoe is the total opposite and is a total ham for the camera.

  8. Nice look :)



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