a few announcements

remember the announcements that were read during high school? I'm channeling that today. Imagine this over the intercom:

one. the last day to order something in the shop will be this Friday, March 1. I'll be closing it up after that to a) get ready for Europe! and b) begin preparation on the super-awesome, soon-to-be-revealed collaboration with Yellow Heart Art.

two. the list is returning! the monthly link-up with Beth and me will be back this Friday as well. Link up your recap of the past month & your plans/dreams/goals for the following month. See this post for more details. We'd love to have you!

three. what are you doing september 26 through the 28 this year? Perhaps you want to go to Indianapolis?

I'm excited to be a community leader at the Influence Conference going on this September. The conference is designed for bloggers and small business people who want to live their lives-- and their online lives-- through following God's call for their life.

To be honest, I've never done something like this (and I'm a bit scared/overwhelmed/intimidated) but I believe in the conference, I believe in community and I believe that the few days there will be pretty great. Join me?

Oh and number four: happy wednesday. it's all downhill from here.

xo, erika


  1. Congratulations on stepping into such an influential leadership role!! You are going to inspire and amazing!

  2. That's awesome you're going to be a community leader for Influence, Erika! I'm so happy for you :) and hopeful I will be there too!

    PS- I read the announcements over the intercom in high school....

  3. Oh Erika you are going to be AMAZING at Influence. And I'm really excited to see what you have in store for your shop!

  4. Awesome about the Influence news! That's great!

    And nooooooo about the shop! How long will you be closed?

  5. Congrats in the Influence Conference! That's so amazing!! You'll be great!

  6. that is so exciting that you are going to be a leader at the conference! how exciting! I want to go! Is it in the same place as last year?

  7. I saw on their site at you're going to be a community leader, that's so cool Erika! Good for you for taking a leap, that would be a scary one for me too. I know God will use you in positive ways. I really should have gone to this last year since Indiana is only a state away from me right now!


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