socks with booties

 dress: Target // jean jacket: high school, baby // socks: Target // booties: Wanted shoes

It's hard to say goodbye to summer dresses, especially ones you end up picking up toward the end of summer. This one, in particular, my friend bought me after I wore hers to a wedding (see it here). (It was on major clearance on Target.)

And even though crochet and lime is more of a summery thing, when it's paired with a jean jacket and short wedged boots, it's fine for September.

I'm trying out the shorts socks with booties trend and I really want to wear this more, but the only short ankle socks I have are these bright purple ones. I like them, but I'm really on the hunt for something a little less out there...

Apparently though, it's really hard to find cute ankle socks that aren't $10 a pair or more

Anyone else have any ideas for finding cute, ankle socks-- I'd love to hear them. (And for what's it's worth, the only ones at Target were neon... hence these bright purple ones.)

xo, erika

p.s. but let's be real honest here -- my best accessory is definitely the monster dog. not the socks.


  1. Love this look! The socks w/booties is such a cute combination. You look ready for Fall.

  2. oh my goodness, i love this outfit! the pop of color from your socks are adorable! i agree with you - when did socks become so expensive?!

  3. Your pup is just too adorable!!
    I LOVE this outfit, it looks so perfect for Autumn!! And your purple socks are amazing!! :))

  4. I think the pop of purple is pretty fun, though! :)

  5. Try H&M, last time I was there they had TONS of socks for cheaper. They pretty much rock!

  6. i've been planning outfits around booties/socks too! i'm loving ankle socks from forever 21. super cheap and tres chic!


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