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I've never liked math or been particularly good at it. I remember sitting at my kitchen table, frustrated, near tears, as my dad would help me with my math homework every night. But bless my dad for doing his darndest to get me to do well.
Once upon a time, when I was learning geometry, I was so upset about "angles" that my dad, in a burst of creativity, made up personalities for each of the angles and shapes so I could remember them.  Acute angles, less than 90 degrees, is small and "a-cute." A right angle, always perfect, always "right" and always 90 degrees. And obtuse angles-- so lazy, so obstinate, always refusing to be straight like a right angle. 

Apparently his lesson worked, because today I'm loving the geometry trend. Thanks Dad. :)

xo, erika

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  1. haha that's so sweet! love that notebook too :)


  2. Such a cute story, love it :) And love your picks!

    Audrey - This Little Street

  3. such a cute lesson! :) and i'm loving those flats and notebook so much, pretty lady!

  4. I'm math impaired but love your picks!

  5. I love the iphone case! It's super cute! :)


  6. excellent picks, E! I love that your dad made up personalities for the angles. My dad helped with math A LOT and still teases me about questions I asked when I was prepping for the GRE ;)

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  8. these picks are so much fun! I clicked on just about everything. SERIOUSLY tempted by the flats and iphone case

  9. I got those earrings as a gift last week and didn't know where they were from!! Thanks for providing the link, I LOVE them and now I can share :)



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