standing still

Growing up I never moved. And I never went far for my friends. They were up the street and down the hill.

I went to the same schools in the same district, one after another after another. When I decided to go to college I went to one just a half hour away.

Maybe this is why I dislike change so much. Maybe this is why I'm struggling now.

A fews year out of college, I stayed close (only about 4 miles from the university). I got married. I got a job. I'm not going anywhere.

I feel like I'm standing still in a stream while everyone moves around me.

I get that change is a part of life. And I know that often it's even harder to move away than to stay put. But that doesn't mean that there are times I feel lonely because my best friends are scattered and I'm here: just a rock in the stream wishing that the current would stop, things would stop changing and those who were scattered would float back upstream to me.

I guess it just makes me more grateful for email, for text messaging and airplanes.

xo, erika


  1. You are still young, and have plenty of time for change.

  2. O hun you are still so young, not that I am that much older than you (I think). But take it from me I'd rather be standing still than constantly in motion. Nothing wrong with it, my mom lives around the corner from the house she grew up in and she and I went to the same elementary school, middle school and high school heck we had a few of the same teachers! Its nice to have roots somewhere.

  3. You know, lovely, you don't NEED TO change. You should, however, always follow your heart. That's been my motto forever. I go with my heart over my head, I speak before I think, and I act before I think. If you feel like staying, stay forever or until you're ready to move. If you feel like moving, MAKE IT HAPPEN. Easier said than done? Hah, no. Trust me. I go after my dreams passionately and I do, and I have, made them happen.

    My big sisters lived with my mom until they were 19-20 and got married, and after that, they only lived about five minutes away and came by nearly every weekday, every week, until my mom passed away (40 years later.)

    I'm a mover, I love moving and going places, I've moved away from family and close to and back and forth again with Jen, because of seasonal jobs and while I'm a family girl, she was all I needed with me and close by, and I loved loved loved the experiences moving brought. They are some of my favorite memories.

    I'm rambling, but seriously, flip a coin. The heads or tails you hope for? Before the coin lands? There's the answer.

    And finally, e-mail me should you ever wanna chat. *hug*

  4. erika I am the same way! I don't like change and have only lived away from "home" for one year of college. Thankfully my husband and I live less than 10 min. from my family. But I know the feeling the everyone is moving on and you're in the same place. but that's okay. That is where you are right now!!

  5. What a beautiful post, Erika :)
    I can't say that I feel the same way, as I'm at college in a different state from where I grew up, but what seems so cool about what you're saying is that you have someplace that really home and you seem happy there. Right now, I wish that I were more settled, that I had one place that were a permanent home. If you're happy where you are, that's awesome :)

  6. even though I am the one who moves a lot I can totally relate to this post. I grew up moving around. I stayed in CA from high school until recently. There is excitement from moving and getting to find a few house, and decorate etc, but also not so fun parts, like finding friends and new places to shop and eat, hehe.

    Even though you are still close to where you grew up, went to college etc you are still changing and doing big things. Your shop has evolved so much and you know that God has a plan for you. So maybe now we wants you rooted in WA but that could change. Or maybe his plan is to keep you in WA and the big changes and plans will happen there and you will be the one creating change. ok, enough rambling, have a good monday! xo

  7. We moved when I was 10 from Illinois to Minnesota and it took me a really long time to call Minnesota home.

    When I left for college I went 3 hours away, which you wouldn't think is far but I was SO homesick that I moved home the next year.

    I now live half an hour from the Minnesota town I lived in after age 10. I don't think I'd want to go too far.

    I envy you! I wish I could say I'd never moved to far.

  8. All I do is move! I always figured those who stayed put had it so good....I guess every situation has its issues.

  9. I'm not a stranger to moving -- it's so hard, but can also lead to so many new and wonderful opportunities!

  10. oh girl! you don't need change but you have plenty of time for it!! like when you have babies.. that will be a BIG change in life, let me tell ya! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  11. Well, obviously we are on different pages when it comes to this but I just want to make sure you know that I am always here for ya, via the world wide interwebz or whatever. xo JA


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