i'm not ready

 dress: macys // belt: thrifted //boots: ebay! 

I've been seeing a lot of chatter about fall... on facebook...on twitter and from my own dear husband.

but I am not ready

This outfit is about as fall as it's gonna get for awhile. 

I still need some more weeks of lazy summer days, of wearing sundresses over swimsuits, dinner on the deck and late sunsets. 

And don't even try to convince me with pumpkin beer, sweaters and chili. 

I'm just not there yet.

So I'm just going to pretend over here that it's still July. Hope you guys don't mind. You are invited over for a barbecue though-- we'll have watermelon and burgers. :)

xo, erika


  1. hehe you look ready with your boots!! ;)

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. sooo not ready either. we can pretend for at least three more weeks the way I see it ;)

  3. haha! I am ready for fall, I want cozy sweaters, pumpkin bread + listening to the rain. But I am kinda loving the warmth + sundress weather we've been having too.....

  4. Sorry lady, I am SO over summer. I need my fall!

  5. I am torn between the warmth and sunny days of summer and looking forward to boots and sweaters for fall. Cute boots though :)

  6. No way! I am sooo ready for fall. But I live in the Midwest, so summer means way too much humidity for me. I'm excited for cooler temps and way less frizz in my hair :) Love your outfit though!


  7. Looks pretty! love your boots. I broke out my boots last week. I resisted the changing season for a little while, but finally gave it. I have decided to embrace fall.

    Visiting from Pleated Poppy!

  8. It's finally in the upper 80's here in Seattle, and Sept 21st hasn't hit yet (the autumnal equinox), so it's summer. :P

  9. It's still 105 degrees in Texas. Totally still summer :)

  10. But... pumpkin beer! Haha! As long as you have the BEST watermelon EVER at your BBQ... ;)


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