home tour: office

Wondering where I spend those late nights sewing?
Maybe, maybe not?
After two years of living in this house, I feel like I finally have our two extra rooms-- guest room and office-- put together. And the office only came together recently and now that's clean, I thought I'd give you a little tour. 
Or rather, the monster thought he'd give the tour.

gallery wall featuring a mix of prints & photos.  
 a mix of man things & girly things. a representation of both the husband and me in a room we both share.
 meet Jan the Janome sewing machine. She's a beast.
 a beautiful encouragement that the husband gave to me back when we were dating.
books! books! books! reading is fun!
 some of my favorite prints: get stuff done via mary kate devitte // shh not while i'm crafting via yellow heart art // camera via vol25
 umm yeah, my house is awesome enough to have a built-in ironing board. I know you're jealous.
also, vintage thread holder from fawn & flora
 where the cutting out magic happens!

one of my favorite parts of the room-- two drawers ($5 at a salvage yard) and French print

I hope you've enjoyed the little tour. Also, I promise you that this room is rarely this clean. In fact, I may have already scattered fabric everywhere. :)

xo, erika


  1. Awesome! Wish I had a space like that to create in! Love your don miller collection- have you seen the blue like jazz movie?

  2. Your corgi! OMGsh so cute! Love the place!!!

  3. such a fun tour! I love all the natural light in the room. and those drawers...I've been wanting to do that!
    Thanks for the tour, Nez ;)

  4. What a great representation of both you and your husband all in one space: )

  5. I love it! such a great space. and I am so jealous of your ironing board! I had one in the house I grew up in...but not in our house now, it makes me sad. And your corgi is simply the cutest! I have one too :) her name is Lucy. Best dogs in the world!

  6. Lovely! I adore your prints + the merging of your husbands things + your things!! A very well balanced room. :) xo

  7. Love the drawers on the wall...such a good idea!!!

  8. such a charming space! I have an extra room at my new house and am figuring out how to make it into something useful like this... perfect inspiration!

  9. I love the natural light, it makes such a difference in a room! Also, that build in ironing board is awesome!!

  10. Oh fun, I just love your space! Tell the monster thanks for the tour ;-)


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