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There are some things you can take for granted in life, and for me, it's definitely my health.

I'm a relatively healthy person and it's so disconcerting to get really sick. I honestly was one with my couch for a lot of last week and part of this week and now that I'm feeling better, I feel like I have a whole new lease on life. (as cheesy as that sounds.)

other stuff I like this week:

>> soup recipes. check out my pinterest board; I'm obsessed. And I just ordered an immersion blender from Amazon and I can't wait for it. (I'm stalking the mailbox daily.)

>> I think I'm on a recipe kick (must be fall?) but crockpot apple butter? sign me up!

>> I love things that give back. A purchase of these prints sponsors a child through Compassion International.

>> um have you seen these iphone cases from Yellow Heart Art? I gave in and bought this one

>> other things I like: finishing an epic book, plans to go to San Diego next weekend to visit my best friend and see this girl (as well as sneak in a visit to this girl), perfect weather (70s here in Seattle) and my alma mater winning last night.

>> also, like everyone else, I cannot get enough of the new Mumford and Sons album. Thank you Spotify for letting me listen to it free. 

>> also, I am really excited for my fall (winter?) line. It's been a long time coming and little things have been delaying it but I promise, promise it will be debuting soon. Thank you to all your support and understanding. 

xo, erika

p.s. linking up with Beth!


  1. thanks for sharing my recipe! i so wish I was going to be here next week when you're in town. I will miss you :(.

  2. Thanks for linking up, lady! I'm loving your picks. I didn't realize Leonora had iPad skins, gah! Time to add those to my birthday wish list!

  3. Yay! for yellowHeartArt Iphone cases! Yay for an AMAZING album from Mumford & sons and I am ALL over that crockpot apple butter! Can you imagine how good your house would smell to have that simmering in your crock pot?! Thanks for the fun links. Happy weekend :)

  4. thanks for the shout out! :) you're so sweet. i'm beyond thrilled to get to see you. i was just telling jon about it last night. also, obsessed with your new iPhone case. i can't wait to see it in person...might have to get me one someday!

  5. Hah, I'm making chili this weekend, been craving it since the weather started to turn. You'll love your immersion blender they are awesome. I use mine all the time for smoothies.

  6. You had me at apple butter. That sounds amazing!!! Hope you are feeling much better:)

  7. Iz and I just made crockpot beef stew and made so much that we have tons of leftovers. Makes me SO HAPPY.

  8. Oh gawd, home-made apple butter, sign me up! Mmmmmmmmmm. Fresh on pancakes?! Double mmmmmmm.

    Also, I can't believe you have a Fall line coming out, ahhhh, more for me to drool over!!!

  9. I love spotify too! What is The Pillars of the Earth about? I never heard of it. If you are on a recipe kick, I posted one today myself for warm spiced milk. I hope you'll enjoy it. Love the links!


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