weekend scenes + sneak peeks

weekends are never long enough.

I always have the longest list of things to do

as well as a long list of things I want to do.

It's hard to balance both.

I think I did a decent job this weekend, both sewing away for the shop reopening Tuesday as well as getting in an outing to the Ballard Locks with part of my family.

The locks are where Lake Union in Seattle meets Puget Sound and smaller ships (read: not shipping containers or cruise ships) can come into the lake. There's also a fish ladder where you can see the salmon swimming upstream from the ocean. Even though the locks are only three-ish miles from my current house, it's somewhere I hadn't visited since I was a very little kid.

(my family minus one of the brothers-- do you think I look like my mom? People tell us we look identical. also, please note that I'm not that short; I'm about 5'4... my brother and my dad are 6'6.)

I think I live in a beautiful place.

And of course a huge chunk of my weekend was spent sewing some new stuff. I'm pretty excited and I hope you are too.

xo, erika


  1. It's gorgeous! ((The handbag, but Seattle as well))

  2. That first picture is postcard material! Love the last pic with coordinating purse and backdrop!

  3. You look SO pretty and so happy in those pictures, lady. :D Also, your new bag color, omg. Swoonage!!!

  4. Lovely photos, Erika! Looks like a fabulous weekend! and I love the tote! I can't wait to see your full fall line!

  5. Beautiful photos!! Makes me wish I was there! :)
    PS I LOVE your new handbag color!!

  6. cute new bag! and yes, you do look like your mom :).


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