put a sheep on it

 put a sheep on it... via Madewell

When you're home sick with strep throat (boo) you have a lot of time to online shop and contemplate current trends... like the current trend of animals on sweaters.

At age 8 I had an amazing horse sweater, one that paired perfect with black leggings and light-up Reeboks (of course), that I should have kept, because apparently animal sweaters are in again.

However, as darling as those animal sweaters are, I will not be partaking in this trend. Although my medical file clearly states my age (mid-20-something), the nurse at the docter's office today asked me if I was still in high school.

I'm not sure if a sweater with a sheep on it would have changed her mind.

What about you guys? Sweaters with animals on them?

xo, erika


  1. hehe, cute post! i do hope you feel better, friend. eat lots of that cookie dough ice-cream. ;)

    as for the topic on hand, i am a total fan of animal print - specifically horses and birds. not so sure about the sheep - might have to grow on me a little bit!

  2. Sweaters with animal prints are always cute! They work well together I just can't hold them urgh >,< It gives me confident much though :D


  3. i think it depends... if the animal is cute or not! i saw a panda sweater and totally wanted it! hope you feel better friend!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. I was just looking at those sweaters yesterday - I think they're really cute, but I would probably feel weird wearing it to work. I already struggle with looking too "young" sometimes.

  5. Every style is different, so I'm not quite sure. A dainty sweater with like, little white subtle birds... Maybe. Or one with a gigantic big cat face (like a lion), maybe... Some don't really cross into my "like" list, though.

  6. I think if done WELL an animal print can be okay. But if not done well... yeah, anyone could look about 12. Or crazy.

  7. While I think it looks super cute (and comfy!) I don't think I'll be doing it... I do however like one I found at Target that's blue with a red heart on it! :)

    Hope you feel better soon! I'm right there with ya on the sickiness. It sucks!

    Happy Wednesday!


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