fleet collection

you may remember me gushing awhile back about a mint dress I bought from this cute online shop fleet collection. I entered the photo for this month's facebook contest.
you can vote for me here

to get you excited about voting, they have a 15% off discount for you for the month of September with the code R&W15OFF

Honestly I love everything in their entire shop; handmade, feminine and elegant dresses, blouses and jewelry-- definitely all stuff up my alley (as you can see).

left to right:

thanks for your votes! happy almost friday!

xo, erika


  1. shucks, I can't figure out how to vote for you! But I love the dress and they have such a cute shop! all their dresses are so pretty....I need an excuse to buy a cute dress ;)

  2. Seriously...you look adorable & I want that dress!! I voted and shared on my FB page!! You are too darn cute!!

  3. You are THE cutest. Just voted!


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