the thrifting olympics

I love the Olympics even though I am not particularly athletic-- growing up I was the hiking-running-dance-horseback riding girl and was probably less than average in each, so I never had a real dream of competing in the Olympics.

Well the real Olympics, that is.

I'd like to think that I'd do pretty well in another type of Olympics, with events like coffee drinking, twitter refreshing, alarm snoozing and thrifting. I'd like to think my latest thrift would have brought home the gold. If I was competing or anything. You know.

But it was honestly one of those days when (almost) everything fit and it was just win after win and I almost hugged the lady at the register in sheer glee. Not all days are thrifting gold; some days I don't get anything good, which is why when Olympics-worthy trips come along, it's worthy of a lengthy post in praise of the haul.

so bear with me as I boast.

why it's amazing: polka dots and stripes and it's Ann Taylor (from like 20 years ago)
cost: $4.99

why it's amazing: pleated mid-length skirts are my new thing (see me wear it here)

cost: $3.99

why it's amazing: so good over a swimsuit or with a knit maxi skirt

cost: $4.99

*not pictured: a white blazer and a pair of floral shorts that were 99 cents... and in need of a major refashion, (which may or may not work.)*

have you found anything good lately on the cheap?

xo, erika

p.s. link up your online (and real life) favorites tomorrow for friday finds and favorites!


  1. ugh, I am the worst thrifter ever. I always try but can never find good deals!

  2. well done, lady! I'm dying to do some thrifting...hopefully soon!

  3. love this post- you should do more like this! i found my winter coat at goodwill recently- new condition j.crew herringbone. with my birthday discount it was less than$20. i was so stoked!

  4. aww i love them all! the print on that skirt is so cute
    thanks for your lovely comment! You should, it's so much easier than you think!



  5. I want that skirt!!! Soooo bad!!


  6. Love all your finds! I definitely need to go thrifting soon! It has been way too long!

  7. I love that skirt!!
    I went thrifting last week but all I piked up was books! :) None of the clothes caught my eye. :(

  8. I got some AWESOME finds for a bookworm party for my daughters 2nd birthday. A globe, tons of books, a utility lunch box, Le Sportsac and more.

    Yay thrifting! LOVE that skirt!!!


  9. Congrats on your "gold medals" with your latest thrift finds. Finding hidden treasures in thrift stores certainly feels like striking gold.

    I love watching the Olympics, especially the swimming and gymnastics events. :)

  10. that WOULD look incredible over a maxi! i'm jealous :)

  11. I love the olympics too! and that skirt is too cute.

  12. Seriously, someone needs to give you a gold medal. That skirt is ah-mazing!

  13. I would definitely not be in contention for the gold.....I am always so depressed to see everyone's great finds at thrifting. I don't seem to have that skill. : (

    But, on a cheerier note - hello and love from Rags to Stitches!


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