friday finds + favorites #4

what do you on thursday nights when you're supposed to be doing something else... you redo your blog layout, that's what. (to be fair, I did fold laundry first.)

I switched from two columns to three. oh, yeah. (brushes shoulder off.)

And when I redid my social media buttons, I found this gem: pantone colored buttons! brilliant.

other good things on the internet:

 this bleach tutorial is helpful and hilarious.

I need to find some skinny little gold tubes to make these. via honestly wtf.

I love baby goats (well actually any baby animal) so I loved these photos on gentri lee's blog

i also liked this kitchen redo and this hilarious bachelorette recap and this post too. 

in real life:
sunshine! // a wedding this weekend // a lunchtime run by the water // this salad for lunch // golfing with the husband (first time golfing ever!) // bachelorette viewing parties w/ my friends // blueberries

link up! 
xo, erika


  1. I want all those bracelets. Like for reals haha.

  2. LOVE those bracelets. Happy Friday!


  3. great finds :) and I love your new blog layout. those bracelets are totally on my summer vacation to do list :) hoping my SIL will want to make some with me next week!

  4. So many great finds! I am digging bracelets.
    Have a great, Friday!

  5. It looks good! I saw that bracelet tutorial on honestly wtf. Love it!

  6. yep, officially need all of those bracelets. adore!!!!!!!!
    xo TJ

  7. love the bracelets!! i want them all!


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