diy: neon nut bracelet

I like the neon trend but being a pale redhead, I'm a little wary of rocking large amounts of neon. So when I spotted some neon green embroidery thread at Joanns, I snagged it. And when I was at Home Depot with the husband this weekend, (we're so grown up, I know), I snagged some small gold nuts. While he barbecued dinner, I sat at the table and made myself a little neon bracelet. 

Cost: about $5 or less
Time: about 10 minutes (depending on your braiding skill)

- neon thread/cord (mine was pretty thin, so I doubled the strands when I braided it)
- nuts in gold or silver
- scissors

Step 1. Knot your threads at the top and braid. To figure out where to braid and when to put in the nuts, I suggest wrapping around the thread around your wrist and mentally making marks where the braid should stop. You can also measure exactly when to stop braiding and when to add the nuts. (but I wasn't in the mood to be that exact.)

Step 2. Tie a big knot.

Step 3. Thread nut on. Tie another big knot. Repeat process.

Step 4. Continue braiding and end with another large knot. This knot will fit in the loop at the top as the clasp. You can also just tie it on your wrist.

voila! a pop of neon and a new bracelet!

xo, erika


  1. So cute and simple. I love it!

  2. love the neon! makes for a great pop of color on neutrals.

  3. Even I, with my lack of DIY skills, could do this. Thanks Erika!

  4. Oh my goodness I'm so happy i came across your blog today because i just sharred a neat necklace that i make over on my blog! i love handmade jewerly. stop by if you have time ;)


  5. Adorable DIY. This would be such a cute layering bracelet.


  6. This is totally awesome. Next time we go to home depot I am totally buying jewelry supplies.


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