i love where i live

 tee: gift // skirt: anthro, two years ago // boots: old favs from nordstrom // necklace: c/o oh so antsy

So I've been accused of being a state snob.

And it's true. I really really like where I live.

There are some downsides-- it's grey a lot, think like London -- and it's not that hot until July, but I grew up here and I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Which is why when Jessica of Oh So Antsy offered to send me a state necklace, I knew I had to proclaim my love for Washington. (With a little heart over my adopted city of Seattle. I grew up about 30 minutes north.)

And if you're looking to rep your state or country-- I highly recommend you check out her shop or swing by her blog.

But if you're also curious about why I love my state so much, here's a few reasons (I'll try to not to list all of them.)

a few reasons:
- my family lives here and I love them to pieces

- it's so green and lush (at least over on my side of the state) and the air is clean

-  the scenery is killer. I love that I can walk to beaches, see two mountain ranges and a skyline all in one area

- it's casual city-- read: I wear jeans and flip flops to work.

- even though it's a pretty big city (similar to Boston or Memphis), it doesn't feel big and despite the fact that I live in the city limits, I can see the stars at night from my little house.

- but if I want desert, I can drive three hours to Eastern Washington for farms, rolling hills, and wineries

there are a ton more reasons, but I figure you don't want to wade through 'em all. But if you ever want to come visit my state, email me and I'll tell you all the things you need to do. :)

do you love where you live?

and don't forget-- tomorrow is friday (not sure how anyone could forget that) and I'll be posting my friday finds + favorite linkup!

xo, erika

p.s. the husband just informed me that I'm actually a snob about some other things too-- (like homemade pie and how the dishwasher is loaded) -- apparently I know what I like and I'll tell you so. ;)


  1. Being in Tacoma, I get it. I so do. How can anyone think of living anywhere else?

  2. I LOVE your necklace!! I am crossing my fingers + toes that I win one of her necklaces!! (Or else I may just have to splurge and buy myself one!!) :)
    I love that you heart your home state so much!! I've lived in California my whole life and have never traveled farther than Utah and I just have never felt like this state is home to me. I feel like I am stuck in a state that I was never meant to be in. Perhaps my future holds a state change!! :)
    I love your outfit + your darling little pup!!!

  3. I use to live in Seattle and I still miss it! Such a beautiful and fun place to live. What a darling necklace, by the way!!

  4. Hey girl, ain't nothing wrong with knowing what you like.

  5. love this! i am a snob about how the dishwasher is loaded too :)

  6. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. I guess i was a bit of a snob when I went away to college; in my mind, there could be no better place to live--mind you, I went to school in south east Idaho, so there's not much there. Now I'm starting to realize there's other places out there that are cool.

  7. I *sort of love* where I live. Michigan will always have my heart.

  8. I love the place right across the Mississippi from me... I may live in Wisconsin but Minnesota has my heart. And I'll move back there someday!

  9. Cute outfit! I love the skirt and the state necklace... awesome idea to rep where you live :)

  10. I checked out the Australian necklace and it's missing a state! Poor Tasmania...

  11. It is completely acceptable to be a state snob! I am one too, I also like in Washington but about 30 minutes south of Seattle. It truly is the perfect area for all of the reasons you listed! I am head over heels for your Washington necklace, I can't wait to get one of my own!



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