diy: 5 minute heidi braids

I don't wash my hair every day.
Sometimes I don't even wash it every other day... shh don't tell anyone.

But lately I've been tired of my typical bun for my 2nd/3rd day hair, so I decided to switch it up with some heidi braids. Remarkably, they were are easier than they look.

Separate your hair into two equal parts and secure loosely with a band.

(optional: tease each side at the crown to create volume. I also tease part of the lower hair before I braid as well.)

Braid the right side starting at your ear. Braid "up" -- as you braid, move the braid higher (see above). This will make it easier to pin to the side. Secure with a clear elastic.

Pull the braid straight over your head and pin at least three times: one near your ear, once in the middle and one at the end of the braid. You can tuck the pins into the braid to make them less visible.

Repeat on the other side, braiding the left side up at an angle and then pinning over the right side. Tuck the ends of each braid underneath each other.

Hairspray liberally!

Tada! Easy-peasy heidi braids.

And don't worry if it isn't perfect; it looks better a little mussed.

happy braiding!

xo, erika


  1. i know i shouldn't wash my hair every day but i just can't help it! and i know my blogger bun would be better without hair washing... but i just can't help but wash my hair every day, ugh! i have a problem that really needs fixing, and really it would save me so much time not to wash my hair every day! ha, anyhow, love your braids!

  2. Love this! I'm a bit obsessed with braids and love to see new ways of styling them. This is an adorable look.


  3. first off, you're the cutest. second, i wash my hair so infrequently it's getting ridiculous. i won't tell if you don't. thirdly, i LOVE your hair like this and was immediately impressed when is saw you the other night! i m totally copying you :)

  4. SUper cute. Too bad my hair doesn't stay in braids.

  5. This looks fantastic, and so easy! I've been trying to do French braids by myself but it's impossible, it's much easier to do it on the others. So I'm definitely trying this, thanks!


  6. so cute! i need to give this one another try....i did a few months ago, but just couldn't convince myself to walk out of the house with it that way. silly, i know ;)

  7. Beautiful! I can't wait to have long hair someday. ;)

  8. THis is way cute! My hair might be a little too long though. :(

  9. Ah! SO cute! I never wash my hair and have been trying to do some cute braid thing. Thanks for the tip :)

  10. I LOVE this!!! I've done this style once or twice in the past, but I think with Summer rapidly approaching I may do this more often!! Thanks Erika!! :)

  11. I may wear these for the cma festival this weekend! YOu really make it look easy & I think my hair is long enough too!

  12. super cute!!
    i tried to do something similar to this last night and FAILED
    you look cute!
    i looked like a ginger wolf lol.

    ps. i am having a giveaway if you would like to participate :)

  13. I always try to do these, and you have now shown me I have been making two fatal errors! One, starting my braids down too low, and two, not braiding "up"! Maybe I can achieve this weekend, finally!

  14. I always try to do these, and you have now shown me I have been making two fatal errors! One, starting my braids down too low, and two, not braiding "up"! Maybe I can achieve this weekend, finally!

  15. So cute! I am constantly on the look out for cute up dos. Its summer, I have long hair, its hot. So I will definitely try it. Oh, FYI, I found you through rags to stitches!!


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