friday finds + favorites #5

happy friday!
here are some things I've loved around the internet. I hope you'll join me in sharing what you love.

I really love all white rooms but I have a dog and a life... and I just don't think it would work.
via design sponge

can we talk about how pantsuits actually look good sometimes? like this one. I kinda want to bite the bullet to get one, but I think the husband would not approve. via roots, wings and things
(also do any of you watch the bachelorette? can we have a discussion about the white pantsuit emily wore? I really liked it.)

this looks like something i need to make and eat. via stay in the lines

 ok. a llama photobombing in peru. this makes me laugh out loud... a lot. via the 15 greatest animal photobombs on twistedsifter

also, I made this recipe (but with beef not tofu) and it was the best thing of my life. 

also... if you're interested, I'm offering $50 shop credit over on Bubby & Bean. you may or may not want to check it out. 

in real life:
I kinda love that the husband and I are having a friend live with us for a month (and I'm so raiding her closet.) // I saw a dear friend for Vietnamese food. // I skyped with another friend for two hours of amazingingness (why do so many of my friends live thousands of miles away?!) //  I used a gift card to take a TOWN CAR home from work for free. It was pretty much the best thing ever and I felt like Rihanna or the Queen of England. // it was my dad's birthday Thursday and I won't divulge his age, but I will say that he is one of the steadiest, most supportive and all-around intelligent and loving people I know. I feel pretty dang lucky to be his daughter. 

how was your week? how are all you guys doing where it's so hot? Do you want to come visit? It was only 75 today and it might rain tomorrow. I'll take you to Pike Place or something. :)

xo, erika


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  1. hey girlie, i featured your pie recipe (http://rougeandwhimsy.blogspot.com/2011/08/blackberry-pie.html) on my blog today!

  2. Happy birthday to your dad!!
    hehe! I LOVE that llama creeping into that photo!! :)

  3. It's not really hot here either...just a nice 75. I like it but I do miss the cruelly hot midwest summers. I like to be uncomfortably hot and sweaty :).

  4. I cannot stop laughing at that llama, it is SO funny! What a creeper!

  5. I love the beams in that kitchen and the stools and the whole darn thing! I would love to come stay with you. It's kinda killing me we drove all the way to Colorado and will turn around to head home in a few days and not complete a coast to coast venture...oh well. Maybe next summer?!

  6. my husband lived in Peru for a couple of years and goes crazy every time he sees a llama. photobombing llamas are even better!



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