friday finds + favorites #4

another round of what i love online + in the real world! hope you're playing too :)

  popsicles. 'nuff said.

what you didn't graduate this year? don't matter- get inspired with these speeches

a plea to cat lady bloggers. this made me giggle. (prob because I could be considered a dog lady blogger) 

okay- I couldn't blog about this earlier because my mama reads my blog (hi mom!), but I bought a wool felted custom pet from good natured by dani for my mom's birthday and when I got it, I was blown away by its adorableness. Honestly it looks exactly like my mom's little corgi--the details are incredible. I have to order another one from Dana asap. She's a doll and SO talented! Get thee to her etsy shop pronto!

I want to tackle sewing with patterns. these look like a good place start. (right now i just make my own patterns.) 

I eat chips + salsa daily. so this recipe for mango salsa is a must!

these earrings! I wear earrings every day and feel naked without 'em, and these color blocked ones from Acute Designs are ridiculously cute.

in the real world...

- I got the best clothes at my local thrift shop the over day. it was like the thrifting olympics and I won the gold. That good. Once they're out of the washer, they'll be making their appearance. :)

- going to Eastern Washington this weekend (read: desert-y, hot side of the state) for a bachelorette getaway. Pool + magazines + girl time. I need it.

- I made the best salad the other day. I can't take credit for it-- you all should make it though. nom.

have a lovely weekend-- whatever you end up doing!

xo, erika


  1. love those earrings too. So cheery and bright

  2. Don't worry! I'm also a dog lady blogger :)

  3. That little dog is amazing! It's ok, blogland has enough crazy cat ladies (who I LOVE), but we need more dog ladies!! And I am definitely a dog lady! :) Checking out her shop now! And awesome that you had thrifting success. Love when that happens! Can't wait to see your finds! xo

  4. i love a good thrifting day - can't wait to see what you found! and thanks for showing my earrings =). happy friday!

  5. Awe!! Thanks, Erika! I so enjoyed making the little corgi for you! Have a great weekend!

  6. I so need to try that mango salsa, it looks so good!


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