friday finds + favorites: linkup #2

happy friday! this week has been nuts & I'm so thankful that I have a weekend coming up. Here are a few of my favorites that got me through this hectic week:

amazing cross stitch cookie! via design sponge

 post-it note flowers from the modcloth blog... what i'll be doing at work tomorrow :)

ooh, pretty fonts shared by my new sponsor the darling blog

 this space and all the other pretty interior design eye-candy on this blog

 where i'm going tonight! portlandia!
more good stuff:
-- a post on time management (something I always need help with)

-- elise of blowfish shoes always tweets the most interesting links... like this and this

real life good stuff:
white wine w/ strawberries. sending color block bags to new owners. pretty stuff coming in the mail. solar powered string lights for our deck. diet coke when i am so tired. husband cooking dinner. getting new books from the library #nerdstatus. baking lavender lemon cookies. icecream!

what good things have you found or experienced? link your post up below! (all i ask is at least my button or text link back to here somewhere on your post.)

xo, erika


  1. Thanks for hosting a link up & sharing your finds. I have linked to a great shop I found here in the UK.

    Have added your button to my post :-)

    Claireabelle x


  2. Haha, loving the maxi skirt pros/cons! So true but worth it! and those fonts are lovely!
    Have fun in Portland...another west coast city on my someday list :)

  3. that hammock looks amazing! I'd love to lay out and read a book right now :) Have fun at your meet-up!

  4. haha! I love the maxi skirt pros + cons!! And all those fonts are so pretty!! It sounds like you had a lovely week!! I want white wine with strawberries for desert tonight!! :) And I love getting new books!! What did you get?? Have a great weekend friend!! xo

  5. lovely meeting you on friday :)


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