maxi skirt 4 ways

I've shared my major love for maxi skirts several times on the blog.
First off, they feel like pajamas but they look semi-fancy.
They're perfect for hot days or even not-so-warm days.

And they can be styled in a million different ways. I didn't have time to put together all of them-- but here are four ways that I like to rock my maxi skirt.

 skirt: Nordstrom (similar)

tank: tj maxx // cardigan: old navy // wedges: blowfish

button-up: thrifted // boots: nordstrom

tank: nordstrom // wedges: blowfish

button-up: nordstrom // wedges: blowfish

And I decided I need more of 'em in my closet. Here are a few of my favorites:
maxi skirt love
sources from top left clockwise: floral, sheer, chiffon, knit

and of course, I need to make one too, (someday when I have time), using this tutorial or this one.

xo, erika


  1. I love maxi skirts, you look really good in this one! I love all the different ways you're combining it with other items.


  2. Okay: next time I have extra cash, I am going to Deseret and totally getting a maxi skirt. I gotta try this style myself - especially "comfy"!!!

    You look so cute in all of these. <3

  3. You're so right about comfort + class! I love the waistline of that maxi. Both of my maxi skirts don't have the kind of waistline I could tuck into well.

  4. You rock all of these looks Erika!! I love those boots you paired with your denim outfit!! Cute! And I love that mint sheer skirt!! Very pretty!! xo

  5. The denim look is my favorite! Very cute!

  6. Would you believe I only own ONE maxi skirt? So wrong.

  7. now i want to go buy more maxi skirts!! love this post, friend!

  8. I haven't been brave enough to try a maxi skirt yet, but you're really making me want to! I hadn't imagined they could be so versatile.

  9. I totally share you love for maxi skirts girl!!!! I wear them all the time! Great styling tips!

  10. It's official, I need one!

  11. i think it might be the summer of the maxi skirt for me! i've always thought that they were cute but never bought one, for whatever reason. i love that striped knit one from target!

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