that one time I drove to portland and back

it was somewhere along I-5 past midnight when I questioned my sanity.
Down and back to Portland in a day, no less a span of less than 10 hours?

Insane may be the word for it.

But I deemed it worth it-- especially if it meant no hotel and saving a buck or two.

So I left work a little early, hopped in the trusty Ford Focus and bombed down the freeway the 100+ miles and 3 hours to Seattle's neighbor to the south. All for a few beers and meet and greet time with people I've only "met" online.

Crazy, right? But c'mon-- wouldn't you do it too if it meant you got to hang with Chelsey, Mandy, Heather, Carina and Moorea in person?

Yeah, thought so.

PNW blogger meet-up in Portlandia. Hipsters galore, delish beer and lots of ladies.

So many ladies, in fact, this guy stepped in and told us he could hear us gabbing from blocks away. Naturally he took a photo with us. #thatshowweroll

Chatter, advice from Heather, giggles and the best swag bag ever (no lie) and I was back on the road, questioning my sanity just a little bit as I swigged from my diet coke. (I only drink that stuff on rare occasions.)

1:30 a.m. I rolled into the driveway. Slept in until 9.

Totally worth it.

xo, erika


  1. so fun! I'm glad it was worth the driving...I think I'd do the same as you :) and I love that you got a pic of the random guy who stopped by!

  2. haha! This looks like it was SO much fun!! I love all the photos.

  3. wow, that's soo awesome!! i love blogger meetups, i go to them like every month now!

  4. Looks so fun! Wish I had been there! xo JA


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