what i love: nesby the monster

He eats feathers (and nearly anything else)

He requires more exercise and interaction the most two-year-old humans

and he loves early mornings (and waking me up to enjoy the early mornings)

Despite all the ways my dog Nesby drives me crazy, (there's quite a list), I can't help but love my little guy.

He makes me laugh

 he insists on being in every outfit photo the husband takes of me

He gets me up in the morning and gets me walking (or running.)

And he seizes each day and every new activity with so much excitement

And is always excited to see everyone, meet new people and just love on them (or lick them. Things I always needs to work on (minus the licking).

Is it weird to admire my dog?

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  1. ADORABLE! I love your dog! The picture with the scissors in the mouth made me giggle. :) I'm excited to be your newest follower!
    -Robyn from Tips from the Heart

  2. He is ADORABLE! :) I love him! He's like my cat, Toby - he has to be in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO I take. ;)

  3. Ah! He's so cute. Pups can be such little monsters, but they're fun! That last photo is my fave.

  4. Love this! No it's not weird to admire your dog... I admire mine too!

  5. oh, so cute... isn't it fun how even dogs can have such personalities!! i love my pup too!! :)

  6. So sweet!!! He is adorable. I wish our dogs could be best friends! They would be so cute.

  7. Your dog is too cute!! What breed is he? My fiance and I are looking at getting a dog soon(ish). He wants an Aussie, but I would love something a little smaller like your little guy.

  8. Squeeeeee!!! I love those kind of dogs with their little tiny legs!

  9. That is exactly how I feel about Monte. Life would be SO boring without him!

  10. He's so cute and I totally get it! I love having my dog to do things with and keep me motivated.

  11. ahhh, nesby is adorable! khloe also gets in my photo ops outside :) i love the pic of him with the scissors in his mouth, he is ready to help you craft :)


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