real life & rush decisions

I was all set to blog about my kitchen, show off some photos I'd taken of it when it was clean and soak up the few comments I got about "how cute it was."

But before I do that, I wanted to show off some real life, i.e. my house in real life.

When I got home from the day job Wednesday, this what the house looked like:

and I had to spend two hours cleaning because wedding numbero four bachelorette party is at my house this Friday.

and having this laying around isn't cool.

yes that's dog hair poking out from under the couch.

Fact of life. Sorry if you got grossed out. Hopefully you're not eating? If so, again, sorry.

Can we also talk about rash decisions? Like my decision to go to Blog Sugar at the very last moment. Some tickets freed up and in a split-second decision, I was texting my husband and logging into PayPal. That was about eight hours ago.

I still need to buy plane tickets and a little scaredy-cat inside of me is telling me that I shouldn't go, I'm crazy to go, but a big part of me needs to, wants to meet bloggers in real life. People who actually DO this and don't think it's a weird hobby.

Speaking of real life, I met Jenelle of Rellas Bellas in real life. She was in Seattle, I live in Seattle and randomly we were at the same restaurant at the same night before the same baseball game.

and out of the thousands of seats in the stadium, she sat a few rows down from me.

What's even crazier is that I go to one baseball game a year with the husband (while he goes to about 20 times that) and this game was the one I chose to go with.

small world?


p.s. since when is it september? crazytown.


  1. Don't feel bad, my house looks like that right about now too...maybe even worse. If you didn't live life, then maybe it could always be perfectly spotless 100% of the time. But what's the fun in that?

  2. Ha! I found this post really amusing :) There is no way all of these beautiful homes always look like that anyways. Thanks for keeping it real! Never heard of Blog Sugar before, it sounds like fun!

  3. Um... you should see my house right now. Yikes. Usually it's okay aside from the kitchen but right now... disaster.

  4. I love that you were brave enough to show us the 'real' house. I have often thought about doing this on my blog. If only people could see past the pictures I take! Like if only they could see that my floor REALLY needs to be mopped most of the time, my kids have fingerprinted every window and mirror we have, and one side of the sink is usually always overflowing :)

  5. you're going to BlogSugar11?! lucky duck. take lots of pictures & think of me when you go, mkay?

  6. so thankful you shared what your house looks like sometimes. I struggle with trying to make sure out house is immaculate all the time... but the truth is with 4 kids and 3 dogs and a man it just isn't possible. I tend to beat myself up over it and for some reason think everyone else in the world are living in these spotless houses! You should be so excited about BlogSugar! I bet it will be fun and an experience you won't soon forget! Wish I could go!

  7. Wow, that is crazy! You're right. How cool (: I can't wait to meet you when I'm back in town in a few weeks! Anddd...my apartment last year...picture 10 times worse. My roommates were gross :( haha!

  8. Thanks for sharing your real home with us- it encourages me quite a bit! and I totally know what you mean with the dog hair. I always find clumps of it and think it's gross, but life with a pooch.
    Have fun at Blog Sugar. I totally understand the want to go v. not really sure. I know you'll have a great time and meet lots of great people! Happy Friday!

  9. Well at least I am not the only one, plus... that's not bad at all...you should see my place :) LOL

  10. I still can't believe we ate at the same place and sat in the same section! crazy!! I am so excited you are going to blogsugar! I had the same feelings before blogher. I was nervous and felt like maybe I should just back out. I am so glad I didn't, I met so many wonderful bloggers and it also helped to promote my etsy shop :)

  11. i discovered your lovely blog through 'after nine to five'. happily following.



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