that time i had a mustache

I thought my title would sound a tad more interesting than PNW Blogger Meetup recap...

plus it's the truth. I did wear a mustache, as did many other people. But before I get to the 'stache, let me explain why...

I woke up Saturday with the head cold from you-know-where.  I was flat on my back, nose stuffed up, body aches, sore throat sick. But I was so excited for the PNW Blogger Meetup and made the executive decision that there was no way I could miss it.

So I took cold medicine, showered, took more cold medicine and drove on over to West Seattle where we met at a pizza place.

While I didn't get to talk to everyone, I did meet the multi-talented Moorea Seal, and finally met the other crafty Erika in Seattle from Bird E Studios (she spells her name the same way I do with a k, which is, of course, the only correct way to spell Erika) as well as meetup hostesses Mandy of Harper's Happenings and Chelsea of Paper Mama.

[via Jessica May Photography]
You can hardly tell I am so ill. I'm talking to the other Erika, at right, here :)
[via Jessica May Photography]
Prizes! Yay!

[via Jessica May Photography]
Pizza-- even better!

And I posed for some photos in the photo booth.

[via Jessica May Photography]

It was a great event and my only regret was that I wasn't able to talk to everyone...

that and I ended up getting more sick Sunday and Monday.

Worth it in the end. Right?

Right :)

p.s. I'm on my way to San Diego today! Going to see the best friend and then heading up to Blog Sugar on Sunday. It may be the best weekend ever.

xo Erika


  1. Aww, I had no idea you were sick...it didn't show at all! Sorry it got worse but i'm glad you could make it! Have fun in the sunny CA weather this weekend!!

  2. I wish there were more peeps in my area so I could do a bloggy meet up! How fun! :) Have fun at Blog Sugar!

  3. oh so happy you were able to go, friend! looks like it was an awesome time :D have fun at BlogSugar as well!


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