squirrels- the new owl

My mom loves squirrels.

Not the actual squirrel but the cute etsy version of squirrels. Let's be honest, real squirrels are like rats with fluffy tails and they completely overrun neighborhoods (especially here where I live**.)

But silhouettes, artsy and stuffed squirrels are cute. And perhaps, they're on the way to replace owls. Or maybe foxes are doing that, or hedgehogs...

My picks:

Screened pillow by erinflett

bon-bon & belchick tweed squirrels by sleepyking
squirrel locket by silkpursesowsear

tiny coin purse by msnizbit

** on my college campus squirrels were completely brazen crazy animals that leaped out of trash cans and threw nuts at people. I've heard reports of squirrels running up people's pants legs and chucking beer cans... but that sounds a little extreme.


  1. I love the little tweed squirrels, they are so cute!

    If you saw the squirrels that hang out by the university across the street from me you would not think they're cool though. They have NO fear. I always worry I'm going to get attacked when I take walks over there!

  2. I've noticed a lot of fox stuff lately. I kind of enjoy watching the squirrels chase each other around in the trees and they like to tease my dog who is actually smaller than they are! We have a black squirrel in our yard right now. That pillow is super cute.

  3. i never got the fascination with owls but i love <3 squirrels so this is exciting. i had a friend that saved one from certain death & kept it as a pet and i thought that was amazing. they're like schizophrenic little furballs...and i love them. ;)

  4. Squirrels can definitely be little rascals -- but this roundup is ADORABLE!

  5. Hi Erika - it was so nice to meet you last night! Your blog is awesome, LOVE that squirrel pillow!


  6. Just wanted to stop by and say hello! It was great to meet you last night.

    Also, those tweed squirrels are too cute.


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