where i was

it is incredible that every american remembers were they were 10 years ago.

and my story seems so trivial to the people who were on the east coast, who were in new york.

I was in high school and getting ready for school. I turned on the radio and was standing, applying makeup in front of my bedroom mirror.

the song stopped. abruptly.

the dj came on and started talking. rapid fire. I couldn't understand what he was saying "planes" and "twin towers"

and to be honest,  I didn't even know what the twin towers were. I was only in high school, living in Washington state, three hours time difference, thousands of miles away.

I ran down stairs and told my mom to turn on the TV. She switched it on and we watched in horror as the second plane hit the tower as we sat on the edge of the coffee table, holding each other.

we both started to cry.

What strikes me the most is that I saw it-- that I can close my eyes and see that television image. There have been so many other tragedies but few of them were televised.

For a long time I couldn't watch movies that had plane crashes in them. I remember that when Castaway came out I had to leave when the plane began to fail-- it was too real.

I've never been to New York city and I can not imagine the pain of the people who were there and saw it firsthand. But I can still remember.

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  1. I remember it too!! Like it was only yesterday - I was in college in MI at the time. I was in one of the buildings, finishing up an assignment - the person on desk duty was watching something on TV and waved me over. I was terrified and had to go through the whole thing alone - my whole family was overseas. I wish I had had my mom to hug!


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