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Two giveaways in two days? I know-- you guys are pretty lucky :)

introducing Earl-Leigh from Earl-Leigh Designs.

Who are you? I am a Southern wife and puppy mama! I overindulge in the word "y'all", cupcakes and glitter. When I'm not  hanging out with my hubby Mike, I'm hanging out with my buddy "Singer." I'm planning to finally open my shop in time for Christmas...my favorite holiday! 
Mike and Me
2. What is your blog and shop about? My blog is a little random, like me. I share DIY tutorials, updates on my life (like when I thought there was a mouse in my apartment) and my products. I'm really excited to be working with a designer to get my blog and Etsy shop ready. I'm currently working on some lovely wristlets and bibs for Fall/Winter 2011 and am too ready to show everyone!
DIY Owl Ornament
3. Tell us about your home town: I live in Columbia, SC where it is "famously hot". Really y'all, the wind does not blow here. We stay in the news a lot thanks to our fine elected officials so I guess we're hot in more ways than one...thanks Mark Sanford. 
My friend Amanda is an amazing photographer!
  4. What is your best quality? I'm very resourceful. My husband rolls his eyes when he hears "I can make it work," but 9 times out of 10...I can! Do you have an old sweater, a squeaker and some type of batting? You do? Well that means you also have a new squeaky toy for your pet!

5. Best bit of advice you ever received? Only you can make your dreams a reality

I love her tutorial for the dog toy... I know I need to do that for my little fur monster!
Want to get a sneak peek of Earl-Leigh's shop? She's giving away an adorable zipper pouch!

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