september sponsor roundup

I am beyond thankful to begin my little foray into sponsorship on this blog with some lovely ladies who agreed to be test subjects as I figure out how to best create a sponsorship program.

Here they are-- my darling NEW September sponsors answering these two questions:


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1. I started blogging because my son was diagnosed with craniosynostosis at 2 months old and I wanted to document the process and keep my family and friends updated--it has since then, turned into something much more! 

2.  Best thing to do with fall leaves is photograph them! Come visit and link up every week at my "Photo Friday" link party where I document my journey as a newbie photographer and we share tips and tricks for getting great pictures!
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1. I've  always loved sewing and had a desire to share my craft, but was afraid to do anything to make  something of my passion. After reading so many inspirational blogs and making wonderful bloggy pals, I  decided to just give it a go!

2. The  best thing to do with fall leaves...put them in front of my dog.  Seriously! She LOVES to crash through them for some reason. The ground  can be clear ahead of her but if she sees leaves, Ms. Shira is heading that way.

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1.  I started my shop after I started making a few bibs for my son. One thing led to another and  before you know it, I was taking IndieBiz3.0 which encouraged me to start a blog! 
2. The best thing to do with fall leaves? Smell them. Is it weird that I love the smell of fallen, decomposing maple leaves?


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 1. I started blogging to journal my journey through learning how to sew, talk about my experiences as a mum (of 4) and my love of petty things. Inspiring comments left by other bloggers, inspired my to start my own etsy shop.
2. My girls would say jump in them; I would say make a pretty collage.

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 1. I got into blogging as a way to express myself outside of my 9 to 5 job, as well as to build a feeling of a crafty community. My shop came out of the same feeling that I was happiest when I was creating things, and should really make that a focus in my life.

2. Best thing to do with them is all of the above! Step on 'em, jump in them, and definitely shuffle your feet through them and throw 'em at each other! And then when you're tired, collecting the prettiest ones and pressing them or sealing them between wax paper sheets seems to be the thing to do!


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1. I love to knit and sew and then I found Blythe. So I combined my hobbies into a shop. My blog is older than my shop and has evolved from just documenting crafts, to a fun blog about crafting, dollies, food, travel, and general fun!

2. I LOVE to jump in fall leaves. Sadly, London lacks the beautiful colors that I got used to growing up in the midwest. :(

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1. Boredom, honestly. Well, that and the want to document my crazy leap into self-employment.

2.  Take pictures of my dogs playing in them. Otherwise? I'm not a fan.

I like them.
And I hope you guys do too and send them some love.

You'll see a bit more of them too before the month is over. :) It should be good.

happy thursday-which-means-it's-almost-friday!

xo erika

(I live for weekends.)


  1. i live for the weeekends too. trust me, my week isn't all that great, ha!


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