san diego [photo heavy]

I can't help but say San Diego the way Will Farrell says it in Anchorman. "San Dee-ah-go."

I won't write his other name for it ;)

I've been getting the grand tour of the city with my best friend (she posing below). It's been perfect. 

some day I want to spend the morning playing chess at a coffee shop.


  1. Yes! How fun! I'll never forget when we were driving through San Diego on PCH - we looked out to the ocean and saw dolphins jumping in and out of the waves nearby! :)

  2. Ahhh, I would love to go to San Diego! Or anywhere in California! Or even the West coast of the states! hehe. :)

  3. The one time I was in San Diego I LOVED it. Unfortunately I was only there for a day because I was going on a cruise so I didn't get to see everything I wanted to.

    Blogger vacation and meetup? I think we should =-)

  4. oh, i really wanted to go to blog sugar, except, that uh, no one would know who i was (ha ha) but, how fun you're going! that's so awesome! i'm sure you're glad to be gone, it's been pouring like mad here! the rain even tore down all of my dahlias!!!

  5. The two older gentleman playing chess remind of the old guy on Toy Story... they have a Disney skit of him playing chess in a park. LOL!

  6. I would totally play chess at a coffee shop.
    If I knew how to play chess. haha

    I prefer Scrabble :)

  7. I LOVE San Diego. I went to college there. Great pictures. Following you now!

  8. These pictures are so pretty! I especially love the one of all the bikes.


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