wise words: enough sleep

I don't get enough sleep.

Do you?

Does anyone outside my little puppy?

It's almost encouraged to not get enough sleep. People brag about how addicted they are to coffee or Diet Coke (myself included) and conversations at work or school are a competition of how tired we are.

Would it be odd to brag that you got enough sleep last night? It's something I think I should do- something I should aim for and not feel guilty about.

It's horrible that we're led to feel guilty about sleeping, about relaxing. Yet we all know the statistics that tell us that less than 7 or 8 hours of sleep is bad for us and I won't go through them. (But if you want to be scared, read here.)

Today I came across an article by Arianna Huffington who heads up Huffington Post and now the entire AOL media group (i.e. important busy lady) and she wrote an article entitled: Sleep Your Way to the Top.

And she wasn't talking about sleeping around... she was talking about getting enough sleep.

She wrote: "Women have, obviously, made great strides in all areas of society, especially the workplace. But our national delusion that the way to be ultra-productive is to cut back on sleep is particularly destructive for women."

She continued: "And even more important than doing what’s best for ourselves and our careers, the world is in desperate need of big ideas. And there are many, many of them locked inside of us. We just need to close our eyes to see them. So, ladies, shut down your engines and get some sleep. "


and good night. :)

p.s. the whole article is here. I suggest you give it a read.


  1. I have to say that if someone bragged to me about the great sleep they got, I would probably punch them somewhere indecent.

  2. bahahaha, Rae's comment has me cracking up...and hiding in the corner from her because i DID get lots of sleep last night. :)

  3. I agree with Rae - BAHAHA! I need sleep like I need breath right now ...


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