home tour: my kitchen

welcome to my little house.

for the next few weeks I'm going to show off some parts of my house. It's far from perfect and I'm far from done making it exactly how I want it.

my kitchen doesn't have a lot of drawers-- this little buffet is perfect extra storage. from amazon.com; little paper organizer is from TJ Maxx

vintage glass dish- perfect for keys. a gift from my mom

the calendar-- an attempt to be organized. :)

I love vintage mason jars-- especially turquoise glass ones
my chairs-- once a boring wood color, now spray painted blue. see tutorial here
do you see that little metal chair to the left? it's most adorable beer bottle opener ever. 
from anthro of course :)

happy white canisters from crate & barrel
built in china cupboard with vintage teacups from the husband's grandma :)

what does your kitchen look like? the kitchen is one of my favorite parts of our little house and the husband and i spend a lot of time in it. :)


  1. I love the vintage feel of your kitchen! Its very welcoming. I live in a tiny apartment, so we're still trying to figure out the storage issue.

  2. Aw cute, I like. It's got a lot of personality =-)

  3. I love green mason jars too! Cute idea to share your home!

  4. i love the cozy feel you've managed in your kitchen. great job with the storage.

    here is a link to my tiny tiny kitchen tour.



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