five things friday-- on saturday

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but hey, I'm in San Diego and just embracing the surfer-dude lifestyle.

Well not really, but sometimes real life happens-- planes get delayed, dinner dates are made and movies are watched.

my five things this week:

1. Being home sick Monday-- sounds crazy but I rarely just c h i l l and although I felt pretty yucky, I watched a lot of HGTV and slept even more. I attempted to work on some things for the shop... but it didn't happen.

my sick hang-out area :)
2. my pup. He cracks me up. Especially when he hides his bones in weird places like under my kitchen rug.

3. Thinking about fall and winter and how I can finally hibernate and get all the little projects done that I want to get done. Part of the problem of Seattle is that summers are so gorgeous (and winters so crappy) that you feel guilty for doing things inside. Basically I've been creating a fun to-do list that I can't wait to tackle in November.

4. San Diego and being with my dear friend Betsy. I love that we pick up so easily from where we were when I last saw her. I am beyond grateful for her friendship.

5. Today-- Saturday. While Betsy has some clients (she's a music therapist) I went to Balboa Park and just soaked it all in. I need to remember to take time for myself to do that-- to just be.

5 Links--

Ok so these are a little self-serving this week... 

1. Check out these two giveaways on my blog-- one from Polkadot Pretties and one from Earl-Leigh Designs. They're open until Monday and Tuesday, respectively. :) go enter!

2. My guest post on one of my favorite blogs: Yellow Heart Art. I talk about crockpots.

3. Little interview on Lollipops. :) [the giveaway is closed, sorry]

4. 5 Tips on Photographing Your Home on A Beautiful Mess. Basically I'm obsessed with home tours and these are great tips for making the prettiest ones :)

linking up!
Aisle to Aloha


  1. The dog that my family had when I was growing up used to hide her treats for later... we would find them in really weird places or she'd walk into the room with a treat when we all knew that no one had given her one.

    I love dogs =-)

  2. oh my goodness! my dad has a corgi, but she's light brown and white. they are the sweetest and cutest dogs... i especially love how they have "eyeliner" around their eyes :)

    new follower, please stop on by:

  3. glad you're feeling better. Have a great time at BlogSugar this week!

    I love that your pooch hides his bone under the rug :) out dog puts them in the couch cushions.

  4. Love the tri corgi, we have a red and white male, but my first corgi was a tri male. The best dogs ever!!


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