woody the wonder car

My first car came to visit me recently.

My youngest brother drives it now and when he stopped by Sunday afternoon, he parked it outside my house.

My first car was not an ordinary car-- not a used Honda or someone's beat-up truck, but a 1988 Jeep Wagoneer Limited, sparkly gold with wood paneling, carmel-colored leather seats with white stitching and a CD player that didn't work.

I named it Woody.

Woody the Jeep and I were inseparable in high school. It was the place for picnic lunches and drive-in movies and it could pack more teenagers than anyone's mom mini-van.

Woody made it through a car crash,  drove straight up out of a ditch and survived a spin-out on black ice.

Woody the wonder car. 

what was the first car you drove?


  1. my first car is the one I'm sharing with my Dad now... a '96 Volvo wagon. oh yeah, i'm cool ;)

  2. I was super lucky, my first car was a 1961 Dodge Dart, my dad painted it sparkly red for me, but we had to sell it when he fell on hard times. Loved that car!

  3. This is amazing! That last picture is perfect!

  4. Wow! For an old car, it sure looks pretty new. I wanted to see the insides though. My first car was a Red Honda Civic. Back in my college days, you'd never see me without it. But that car must be scrapped parts by now, since I sold it a few years ago.

    Patrick Gauer


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