five things friday

This week was super busy at work and I'm terrible at going to bed on time.
Lack of sleep + lots of work = crabby erika. (oops)

But I can still count five (and more than five) things that I am thankful for this week:

1. date night with the husband at a fancy-schmancy restaurant (yay for gift cards! we ordered a LOT of food.)

2. next week I'm going to blogsugar! I am nervous. Meeting famous bloggers in person? Butterflies.

3. but before I go to blog sugar, I get to see my best friend (and one of my most dedicated readers) in San Diego. She just posted wedding photos, and maybe they made me tear up, just a little (with happiness of course).

this is us :)

4. husband packed a lunch and came to visit me at work! A+ for excellence, husband :)

we ate on my work's patio. a 17th floor oasis

5. starting small group again, as well as restarting our addiction to youtube & cheap red wine again. ;)

things I <3 around the internet this week:

1. my mom is a huge design blog reader and she sent me this gray & orange nursery by with two cats. amazing.
2. design sponge before & after: sunny bedroom redo (squeal)
3. this sweet potato "pasta" recipe  from beth on dot in the city
4. living in love blog entry. do you follow erin? you should. she is hil.ar.ious.
5. ah i so LOOOVE vintage enamel brooches right now & this guest post tutorial on a is for ampersand is gorgeous.
what did you love this week? and better yet, what are you going to love THIS WEEKEND?

my weekend involves....

a seattle blogger meetup!
a photo shoot of some new stuff for the shop

annnnd sleep. lots o' sleep. it's needed :)

linking up!
Aisle to Aloha


  1. Great things to be thankful! I hope you will enjoy your blog meeting, i think that's so cool!

  2. you're going to blog sugar?! jealous over here!!

  3. Lots for you to be happy about =-) Hope you have a wonderful weekend hon!

  4. hug everyone at Blog Sugar for me...along with the PNW (???) meetup this weekend! so glad you can go!!

  5. Have fun at BlogSugar!! Fancy-schmancy dates are the best and even better when it's not your money! Ha! :)

    Thanks for linking up, Erika!

  6. What a great picture!! I love wedding shots :)

  7. stopping by from aisle to aloha. i ♥ your blog. glad i found it.

  8. What a great week! with another one coming with Blog Sugar and time with your BFF :) That rooftop patio looks awesome!!!
    Thanks for including the recipe -hope you get to try it!

  9. That patio looks like a lovely space to eat and relax! =)

  10. Love your list! I love going out to eat at fancy restaurants with gift cards too, haha. And gorgeous picture of you and your friend! Have a great time at blogsugar..

    New follower, please stop on by..

  11. I am DEFINITELY a fan of gift cards...especially to restaurants. I sometimes forget I have them and dig through my wallet and find them! Then it's like a surprise every time!

  12. Thank you so much for the shout out..totally made my day when I saw that. You and your best friend are adroable..love it! Happy weekend :)


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