outfit my way: Ruche

I like fashion.

Sometimes I feel guilty about liking fashion... as if that makes me less serious, less of a good person, or someone who is too interested in their looks, and sucked into consumerism.

But I realized that my favorite part of fashion is putting together clothes, figuring out how to assemble a new outfit, getting creative with what I have.

However, yes, I'll admit it, I like the shopping part too.

The other day I struck by the fact that if I had a lot of money, and could buy any clothes I wanted, any outfit I wanted, there would be no more fun, no more challenge.

That brings me to a recent challenge I gave myself when I saw Ruche's new lookbook for fall. Have you seen it? I pretty much love it all.

But there is no way I can buy it all and so I decided to recreate one of the outfits my way.

Ruche's way:

My way:

 blouse: Forever21
belt: Old Navy
skirt: thrifted 
shoes: Macys

I picked up the skirt recently at my favorite Goodwill a few miles from my house in order to complete my outfit. $6 investment.

Do you ever try to recreate outfits on the cheap? What do you think about fashion?  A bad thing, a good thing?

p.s. If you ever recreate a look, I'd love to feature it here. Do you guys think that would be fun? Yay or nay?

happy monday!
xo- erika


  1. so cute! i love that skirt you picked up--way to rock the self portraits, girl!

  2. I'm really terrible at recreating outfits. I'm too lazy to look for alternatives so I just buy what's in front of me.

  3. sooo cute! LOVE that skirt!! i want one like it!!

  4. way to rock the look - you looks amazing!

  5. Love it! Such a great outfit. I'm in love with the color of that skirt!

  6. LOVE <3 you are sooo pretty friend :)


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