oh april, where art thou?

 April was for...

1... getting back from Europe
2... reopening my shop (and attempting to figure out life balance... uh what.)
3... my birthday and the husband's birthday
4... the launch of Yellow Heart Art and my collaboration

It was a good month yet I feel like April slipped away before I even noticed it had arrived. It's my birthday month, the husband's birthday month, but somehow like grabbing at sand, the days slipped through my fingers.

Of course at the end of each month, I tell myself the next one will be different. I'll be more organized, less busy, less stressed, I'll sleep more, exercise more... you get the idea. But I'm realizing more and more that I am doing the best that I can with what I'm given and if I continue to in that vein, then's that's it-- there's no more to be wished for.

So, May. I want my shop (and my house!) to be more organized, I want to get more sleep and stick to the running plan. But if I fail, I fail. And June will be a new month.

how was your April? And what will your May be like?

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xo, erika


  1. April was a really great month for you! I hope May is great too :)

  2. My April was good, mostly because of Izzy's new job.

    I hope May is more organized for you!


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