fighting the nothing-to-wear complex

(like my messy closet?)

I've done it.
You've probably done it.
Stared at your closet one morning, flinging item after item on the bed, and telling yourself dramatically "I have nothing to wear."

Or, I have nothing to wear that looks good.

I was talking about this with a coworker the other day. There are moments where we just get sick of the items in our closet and we usually have no good reason. But how do you get out the closet rut, especially without buying new clothes?

>> find inspiration: While Pinterest has its faults, one thing it is great at is providing inspiration for outfits. Check out a few fashion boards (mine is here) and see, with a bit of creativity, you can recreate what you see on a pin with the items you already own.

>>reorganize: maybe you're like me, and your closet is slightly disorganized. Put away your winter clothes, dig out your summer clothes, check out the far reaches of your closet-- you may be missing out on something.

>> refresh: Figure out what you don't wear! Is it because it doesn't fit, doesn't look right or needs to be thrown away? If you don't wear something often, try to see if you can incorporate it better into your daily look. A denim shirt under a dress? Why not! A cardigan buttoned up and tucked in? Totally cute. Holey jeans rolled up and paired with heels? Of course.

Still stuck? Have a friend come over! Sometimes I "forget" about an item of clothing, and seeing a friend gush over it and remind me of why I bought it in the first place is helpful.

how do you fight the nothing-to-wear complex?

xo, erika


  1. i keep buying new clothes... but really need to work with what i have and be more creative!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. this comes at a good time for me! :) thanks for the thoughts and inspiration
    kw ladies in navy

  3. Amen, sister! I have been wrestling with this myself...I always seem to get the closet blues when the season change.

  4. Yeah! I really dislike buying new clothes but what I love it rethinking a piece entirely. If I have a dress that just doesn't fit right I might cut it in half and turn it into a skirt (of course this requires some sewing but it's well worth it). Recently I found a pretty weird dress that I'll be turning into both a skirt and a shawl/cape like thing. It's a really fun way to look at your closet.

  5. love the chambray under dress and tucked in cardigan ideas!! will def be giving those a try.

  6. My problem is that I always want to wear outfits the same way every time. I need to work on remixing things and making them into new outfits!

  7. I just keep repeating the same outfits over and over, I'm terrible. I'm just so tired in the morning that putting together something new doesn't seem worth the effort. I should just spend a day on a weekend throwing some stuff together for the following week... lord knows I have enough clothes!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  8. I am lucky that I have an extremely large closet (one that isn't in my room and includes not one but three dressers). But I have decided to down grade. Although, I will have a panic it will be nice to live with less. I am also thinking about making some cash and selling my many clothes online.


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