some links on Friday

glorious, glorious Friday! I'm going to see Great Gatbsy tonight and then the entire weekend stretches before me...

What are you up to? If you have a quiet moment, you should check out a few of my favorite things from this week:

 oh look it's the pantsuit again!

Actually, who you should be looking at is the husband and his yellow pants. He's usually behind the camera for my outfit photos, so I'm excited that he got some airtime (or blogtime?) on Much Love Illy's "Guy Behind the Camera" series.

other stuff I loved...

>> this beautiful, honest post from a blogger I've always admired

>> I know people are switching to bloglovin',  but I've been using Feedly to read blogs and I love it.

>> these shoes. but I'm a sucker for anything Seychelles makes

>> gina honestly has the best salad recipes. this one looks amazing.

>> this is a way better take on tropical print patterns

>> love this lady's style

>> last summer I tried to make popsicles and failed... but maybe if I buy this book, it'll work?

what are you loving this week? are you going to see Great Gatsby (or have you already seen it?)

xo, erika


  1. I'm all about frozen yogurt this weekend!

  2. can't wait to check out some links :) I'm working commencement tomorrow and then relaxing the rest of the weekend!

  3. you really rock that pantsuit! thanks for linking to my salad recipe - happy friday :).

  4. Haha, this post was so cute!!! You have a new follower now! Want to follow me back?


  5. I'll definitely read that post on Kendi's blog, as I love when other bloggers share their struggle with mental illness. Also? Those Seychelles shoes look gorgeous!

  6. Yeah those shoes are amazing, I adore Seychelles.


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