engagement shoot

I am not a professional or even amateur photographer so when a dear friend asked me to take her engagement photos I was a little taken aback.

"Me? Really? Ok... I better go home and google a bunch of stuff."

However, it turned out to be the best experience not only because we had gorgeous weather, but because my dear friends are a gorgeous couple and so photogenic and fun.

 They both love baseball so we did some super cute shots at the local high school baseball field.

congrats marissa + michael! I am so beyond happy for you two.

xo, erika


  1. what great shots...sewing AND photography? you've def got talent! :)

  2. Amazing engagement photos! These are so perfect and capture their personalities perfectly! Great job!



  3. these are such pretty pictures! love them and so sweet of you to do this for your friends :).

  4. nice photos! one day, i would love to have a photo shoot too with myself behind the camera :)

  5. They are so cute and you did SUCH a great job!!

  6. Wait....is that in West Seattle?! You did have gorgeous weather, and they've both get fantastic smiles. YAY! Well done, you!

  7. wow, these are great Erika! nice work!

  8. They're cute! Nice job!


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