wheatberry salad i.e. not a wimpy, sad salad

I eat salads a lot, nearly daily. They're easy to put together and they're healthy.

But I don't eat wimpy salads of just lettuce,  some sad dressing and maybe a tomato or two.
My salads are big and beefy, sometimes quite literally, and it's a pet peeve of mine to see people eat sad little salads and call them lunch.

I am all about real food. Real food is filling and not fake. OK- I'm getting sidetracked here-- but in all reality, with how much running I'm doing to train for my half marathon, I need a salad that is chock full of protein, fiber and loads of other good stuff. And even if you're not training for something, you could probably use a salad that's filled with that kind of stuff, too.

My latest salad obsession? Wheatberries, because who doesn't like berries?

Wheatberries are not true berries but the wheat kernels before they are turned into flour. They're whole-wheat, but they're also super high in fiber, protein and iron. They're kind of a nutty, chewy little grain and I like them in salads, also like most other grains-- think brown rice or quinoa-- they're pretty versatile.

Wheat berry salad with strawberries, goat cheese and mixed greens
1/3 cup cooked wheat berries
2 carrots peeled in slivers
4 strawberries sliced
3 tbs crumbled goat cheese
2 generous handfuls of mixed spring greens

Cook wheat berries. I buy my wheat berries from the bulk section of my grocery store, and unforunately, they're not a quick cook. Bring 3 cups of water to boil, add 1 cup of wheat berries. Boil for a minute, and then turn the stove down to low and simmer for 45 minutes to an hour. Wheat berries will be chewy, not crunchy, when done. My tip: Make a batch on Sunday afternoon to use for the week!

The rest of the salad is easy-- combine it and all and top with your favorite dressing!


xo, erika


  1. I have a bag of wheatberries in my cupboard just asking to be added to a salad! Thanks for the recipe!!

  2. Nice salad! I love how you use the peeler for your carrots! I always just chop them because I'm lazy and then have to deal with trying to fork chunks of carrot. Great idea to peel them and it looks lovely.

  3. Can I just say how much I adore your food posts?? Thank you for giving me so many great ideas!


  4. Yay for salads! I'm always looking for new ideas. I haven' tried wheat berries before. I've been wanting to try farro since I saw it at trader joe's, I wonder if that would be good in salad. I love goat cheese and strawberries in salads!

  5. visiting from WIWW, but i got distracted by the food :-)
    I love wheatberries but i haven't eaten them in forever, thanks for the reminder :-)
    (visit me at Olivia Cleans Green to see my outfit- and some food and other domestic fun too)

  6. This salad looks great! I so wish I could serve salad for dinner more often, but my boyfriend just won't go for it!



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