ordinary days

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I think sometimes I feel like I don't have anything big or deep to blog about-- to share with you.

My days are strikingly ordinary and most of the time I'm in the same pattern, doing the same things each day.

But what I've realized is that the beauty is in the mundane-- these ordinary moments of every day life. Few of us are rockstars, secret agents or Presidents-- we may not save lives or sign autographs.

Most of the time, our days are routine-- we rise and stumble to the bathroom, we greet our family or coworkers, we stop for a red light, we wait for a microwave to finish reheating our coffee, we meet the eyes of someone passing us on a sidewalk.

Yet it's in these tiny moments that real life happens-- where we make big decisions and small ones, where we interact with those we love and those that drive us crazy. And it is these seconds and easy-to-forget times that are the stuff of real life-- and yes, it's all worth sharing-- on a blog or off.

I am trying to enjoy the ordinary moments of real life. I want to see God in these small seconds, in tiny interactions and decisions, not taking even the smallest act-- like me, reheating a cup of coffee for the third time, for granted.

xo, erika


  1. I finally was able to watch the Office series finale last night. I'm not sure if you watch, but Pam was commenting on how there is such beauty in the ordinary. That while others are looking so desperately for something huge, the simple day-to-day is not to be forgotten. How fitting that you would write about it today!

  2. It's funny, in my blog post today I was saying how unremarkable yet great my past week has been. I like a little bit of excitement in my life, but I completely agree that there is beauty in the mundane.

    Linkouture: Musings on the Creative Side of Life

  3. i think you do have lovely things to share and these definitely aren't just ordinary thoughts! they're lovely.
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  4. I love ordinary days! I also really love this top of yours!! The butterfly's + the peter pan collar are perfect together!! You're so lovely Erika and I love your style!! xo

  5. Love this! Ordinary moments make up most of life, so it's best to enjoy them. Definitely something im working on these days

  6. love your top!! and i LOVE ordinary days toO!

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. I prefer calm days, it makes everything so stable and easy!

  8. CUTE top!! it looks adorable on you! that's a good price for anthro. haha. p.s. the link to your shoes needs to be fixed :)

  9. Totally agree! I try to photograph the ordainary moments, and lately video them too with my toddler. It's just what life mostly is, and I want to remember that:) Oh and LOVE the top!

  10. I have pants in this color! I love the shirt you're wearing with them :) Anyways, I think you wrote a great post. Sometimes I feel like my life should be amazing every day...but ya know, I can just go out and make it amazing and just appreciate the "mundane" in life. There really is beauty in the everyday!



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