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So Pretty! Felt

In between the day job, the handmade job and other things that life throws my way, there's not a lot of time for creating things just for me.

But I'm working hard to create room for crafting and so when I was contacted to review a new craft book-- So Pretty! Felt-- I pretty much jumped at the chance.

I love Pinterest, blogs and my kindle, but there's something magical about a physical book you can hold in your hands, flip through the pages, soak in the images and even sniff the pages, oh wait, that's that's just my mom (she loves the smell of new books-- sorry to out you Mom!)

So Pretty! Felt is not only a great book filled with great crafts, but it's a beautiful book-- one I can stack on my coffee table and flip through while relaxing on the couch.

I've played around with felt quite a bit, but many of the projects in the book were new to me and so I decided to take time Sunday afternoon to work on one--a small example of the felt table runner.


Due to time constraints (I know, I know...) I could only make a coaster, but I'm hoping to make a whole table runner soon. 

You can purchase So Pretty! Felt book here. And maybe, take time to craft for yourself -- or at least check out a craft book, or at least smell the pages of one. ;)

xo, erika


  1. pretty! this looks like a fun and somewhat simple craft!

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  2. I love felt! would like to start crafting with it more. looks like a beautiful book!

  3. i looooove felt. ;) i have so much of it, i def think i need to look into this book and step outside the bounds of my shop! hehe. but seriously, i love being able to craft for fun or for me sometimes, so this looks like something i'd enjoy!

  4. I love your coaster- and the colors that you used! Thanks so much for being part of the book tour and for taking a look at the book!


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