my 5 last-minute gift ideas

I don't mean to stress you out but Christmas is this upcoming weekend.

And if you're like me, you're juggling work, life and a million other things and perhaps shopping is something that got a little bit waysided.

Rather than braving the crowds at the mall (one of my least favorite things) try a few of these unique ideas for a heartfelt gift.

1. an activity
Rather than give more stuff, make your gift an activity! Go to a movie, a new restaurant or the museum. Sometimes time spent together is better anyway.

 2. food
When I was in college, my brother filled a bag with some of my favorite foods and treats-- things I would never buy for myself: chocolate, wine, satsumas, fancy tea and coffee. Honestly sometimes this is just a thoughtful as something you don't eat. And if you make it -- double points!

3. framed art and photos
if it's too late to get something from Etsy -- make your own art by editing photos you've taken. Don't worry about needing photoshop -- Picasa is a great tool for free. 


4. service
My love language is service, meaning that I feel most loved when people do something for me. If someone gave me the gift of cleaning my house, cooking dinner for me for a week or anything else like that -- I would be over the moon. This is not a cop-out gift -- honestly.

5. use your talents
Are you a great writer? Could you write them a story or a poem? Or are you just amazing at working out and could offer yourself as a personal trainer for the new year? Are you a great cook? What about teaching them cooking classes? Get creative with your gift using the talents you already have.

Do you have any good last-minute gift ideas? I just baked a TON of cookies...
xo, erika


  1. love these ideas!! i always offer a free night of babysitting if i run out of ideas/money!

  2. Fantastic ideas dear!!
    I simply can not believe that Christmas is THIS weekend!!!

  3. Great ideas and whoa, I can.not. believe Christmas is less than a week away.

    I'll be baking up some goodies for gifts, for sure!

  4. That photo of the "make your own art?" I actually have that exact same scrapbook paper. :)

  5. If you really want a gift that makes you feel good, go with this http://www.givingbetter.org/giving-blog/give-giving-card-holiday-season'

    Phenomenal idea!

  6. These are really great ideas lady! I love the food one!

  7. i always thinking baking is a great last minute gift! can't go wrong w/ christmas sugar cookies!!

  8. i actually just babysat for free for a mom in my bible study...i knew with the holidays there wouldn't be much money floating around {and i didn't have any money to buy her a gift either!} so it was a win-win.


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